Why Are Golf Tees Colour-Coded?

Why Are Golf Tees Colour-Coded?

The different coloured tees in golf are used to signify the length of the castle golf tee. There are golf tee colours that are common across manufacturers, with each size representing the different heights of the castle and how far the ball will be teed up from the ground. Although there is no official standard colour to height measurement scale, most tees of the same colour will be within a few mm of one another. In this article, we will explore the reason why golf tees are colour coded and what each colour means. 

What Are Castle Golf Tees?

The castle tee is the piece of equipment that holds the golf ball, raising it above ground level as and when the ball is played from the teeing box. Most golf tees you’ll see on golf courses are made from plastic, which is extremely harmful for our planet. The Bigger Ball’s castle tees are manufactured from top-quality, sustainable bamboo and are available in a variety of lengths and colours which creates a stepped range of tees. The range of bright colours available makes the castle tees highly visible as they contrast against the green grass. The stepped design also ensures consistent tee height for the user upon each use.


What Are The Most Common Colours of Golf Tees?

The most popular golf tee colours used on golf courses are Pink, Red, Orange and Blue tees. To get a feel for the different sizes and the type of drive you can get from each, consider purchasing a starter pack containing a variety of popular castle golf tee colours.

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What Are The Different Measurements of Castle Golf Tees?

The colours on the golf tees indicate a specific measurement. Choose a golf tee based on your personal preference and swing style. Generally speaking, longer tees will allow you to hit the golf ball on a more upward trajectory, meaning it will produce more height and distance. At The Bigger Ball, you’ll find coloured golf tees with the following measurements:


What Colour Golf Tees Do Pro Golfers Use?

The size of golf tees used by professional golfers can vary depending on the swing speed and style. The majority of pros will use wooden or bamboo biodegradable golf tees. Castle tees are illegal to use in competitive play and pro golfers must use a straight tee in these circumstances. Wooden tees are the main preference amongst pro golfers and you will often find a box of these tees at the first hole of every PGA Tour event. 


What Are The Best Coloured Tees To Play With On a Golf Course?

Your golf tee preference is very individual. We would recommend having a lesson with your local golf pro to get the right height for you. Or better yet, get the bigger ball starter bundle pack and use trial and error down your local driving range.


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Don't Get Confused - What Is A Tee Box & What Do The Different Colours Mean?

The tee box relates to the position where a golfer tees up the ball to begin a hole. In the teeing area, the golf tees are set out at precise distances from the putting green. Each set of golf tees are different colours and although there is no official rule as to what each colour golf tee box signifies, other than the distance from the tee, they are generally used in the following ways:

Red coloured tee boxes are found closest to the hole and are largely used by female golfers and players who struggle to drive the ball farther than 150 yards. 

Yellow tee boxes can often hold two different meanings. If the tee is nearer to the front (closer to the green) they are for seniors unable to drive the ball as far. If these tees are further back (away from the green) then they are used as the Championship tees. Yellow coloured tees are used mainly for daily play and suit most players who can drive the ball to around 160+ yards. 

The White tees in golf are generally used when players are situated farthest from the hole and are reserved for Tournament play. They often pose more of a challenge, increase the length of the hole and can even change the angle and approach of the game. 

Black tees are kept specifically for blessed strikers and are generally reserved for the Club Championships or similar, official golfing events.

Blue tees are generally the most difficult used in everyday play. Young players and those with a lower handicap will usually use blue tees. They are also known to be used for club golfing competitions. 

Green tees are often rare but are known for their use on training courses. They are novice tees and are used by inexperienced golfers.