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Which Golf Tees Are Used For Which Holes?

Most golf courses will have a coloured system to guide you on the length of each hole. But sometimes the number of colours can vary between courses. Not to mention, sometimes it’s best to use the golf tee that best corresponds to your skill level. Generally White or black tees are used for competition, yellow tee boxes for daily play and red tees for ladies. 

Golf tee colours (the ones that hold the golf ball) are pretty uniform among manufacturers, and the sizes correspond to the various castle tee heights and the level at which the ball will be teed off the ground. It can be confusing looking at the Golf tee and tee box colours but we are here to explain the difference!

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Why Are There Different-Sized Golf Tees?

It’s worth understanding why there are different-sized tees in the first place to help understand which sized tee may be the best fit for you. The height of the ball will affect how it comes into contact with your club. For example, modern-day drivers are made so that the sweet spot of hitting the golf ball is higher off the ground, so a longer tee is required. But that’s not all. The angle at which you hit the ball dictates the arc and trajectory of your shot, which is why longer tees are used to cover further distances since you can get more of a trajectory on the ball. Holes that aren’t as long can then use shorter tees. 

It’s worth noting that generally shorter tees tend to be used for irons  so it’s worth stocking up on sizes like our blue golf tees. Some people think the longer the tee further the ball will go…what’s worse is taking too long to tee off and slowing people down when you can’t get the right connection!

When To Use A Short Tee

Short tees are great for when you’re teeing off with an iron, as the sweet spot for hitting the ball will be lower to the ground. This will normally be on shorter holes and par 3’s as well, so you shouldn’t be prioritizing distance as much as getting a clean connection. As well as our blue golf tees, which are great for irons, our red golf tees are perfect for making sure you get a nice connection by having the castle much lower to the ground. Remember choosing the right tee can make the difference between a good or bad game, so make sure you pick a tee that takes your skill level into consideration. Why not try a few at the driving range and see what works best for you?

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When To Use A Long Tee

Long tees are great for when you want to get a lot of distance on your shot and when you’re more confident in your swing. Typically the longer your club,  the higher you want your tee to be. So, when you’re using a wood and want a solid drive, long tees are the way to go. Our pink golf tees are a good choice for when you want distance but our orange golf tees add a little more hight for potentially even more distance! If you really want some distance and to showcase your skills then you can always opt for our un-coloured tee, the long one. But be warned finding the middle of the club face on too long a tee can be tricky.

Making the switch to bamboo tees will not only help out the environment by lowering plastic production and pollution, it will also result in fewer snaps the next time you’re out on the course!