If your here your probably a golfer (or a gifter?). As golfers we spend our time thinking of the best way to get a small ball in a hole. But do we ever take a minute to think about the bigger ball… our planet!?

Thats why we are here! We want to make people aware and provide alternatives for everyday golf essentials that currently are still being produced using what may be the easiest and cheapest option, but are not what are best for a sustainable future. 

UK based The Bigger Ball was founded in 2021, in a time where we couldn’t get out and play golf, but it was on our mind. What could we do to be proactive, in an ever changing world, where we are always striving to improve, grow, embrace and understand what we can do to make our planet a better place. It may seem small, but we all know of the plastic pandemic and we each need to do our part to stop single use plastic use. 

Our outlook is bigger than tees, but we had to start somewhere, and we hope you can get onboard and be part of the solution with The Bigger Ball.

Our Products

80 PINK (59mm) Bamboo Castle Golf Tees (20 FREE Tees)