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Castle Tees VS Straight Golf Tees: Which Are Better?

Golf Tees are crucial for a good game of golf as we are well aware - however, we think they are one of the most important golf accessories to get right. Having the correct tee height and type when you’re teeing off makes all the difference to your shots and leads to a more enjoyable game. 

So, castle tees or straight tees? Both are great depending on the shot-specific variables or the shot you are going for and your ability. The Bigger Ball has both for this reason and in this article, we’ll go into the differences between castle tees and straight golf tees, as well as the benefits of each to help you to determine which tees are best for you and your game of golf. 

castle tees

What Are Castle Tees & How Are They Used In Golf? 

Castle golf tees are designed to elevate the ball off the ground, giving you a more accurate ball height on every shot. Importantly, they will always go in the ground at the same height. This can help improve accuracy when teeing off thanks to consistency. Perfect for the driver, woods, and irons to get the same elevation on the ball time after time. The Bigger Ball creates sustainably made bamboo castle golf tees. We chose bamboo as it has a much stronger structure than traditional wooden tee options, making them far more durable. Our castle tees come in 6 different sizes and colours to cater to any and all shot types.  

What Are Straight Golf Tees?

Straight tees are the golf tee designed to be used by players who like to vary their ball height depending on the golf shot they are playing. They provide the ability to adjust the height and position for the ball, allowing for more variety when playing. Typically used by the lower handicap, our sustainable straight tees come in 2 different styles. We have our Striped Straight 70mm Tees or  ‘The Long One’ Straight 83mm tees.   


long Straight Golf Tee

So, Which Golf Tee Height Is Best For My Game?

Selecting the correct golf tee and its corresponding height is crucial for optimising your game of golf and making it more enjoyable. We offer 9 different tee sizes and colours to help make your game of golf as accurate and enjoyable as possible. So, which tee height is best for which shot?

1. Short Tees

Short or low golf tees are best for shots that require a low trajectory and a shallow angle of attack. This includes shots with a 3-wood, hybrid or a driver golf club. They are also great for tee shots on par 3s, as they allow you to hit a low and penetrating shot that will still get decent distance. Additionally, short tees are great for hitting the fairway, as they allow you to keep the ball low and reduce the amount of backspin. 

Our GREEN castle tees - 25mm are the shortest castle tees we offer. Our RED castle tees - 32mm and BLUE castle tees - 39mm are also great short tee options to produce the above shots effectively. 


castle golf tees

2. Long Tees

Long golf tees are best for shots that require a high trajectory and a steep angle of attack. This includes shots with a driver or a fairway wood. They are also great for tee shots on par 5s, as they allow you to hit a higher and more penetrating shot that will get decent distance. They allow you to hit a higher shot and reduce the amount of backspin. Our ORANGE castle tees - 70mm are the longest castle tee we have to help you with both accuracy and distance followed by PINK castle tees - 59mm. We then have the Striped Straight 70mm Tees or ‘The Long One’ Straight 83mm tees for those who like to adjust their shots.

It is ultimately up to the individual player to decide which tees are the right choice for them but if you’re stuck and not sure which tees are best for your game, we recommend beginning with our starter pack - this has six different castle tee heights, ranging from 25-70mm and 1 long, straight 83mm tee to tailor to all your shot needs - it’s time to get that birdie! Head down the driving range and see what works for you. You may even ask at a golf lesson to see which tee your teacher thinks works best for you and make the most of every opportunity you get to use them!