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How to Tee Up a Golf Ball

Before taking a swing, have you ever thought ‘How high should I tee up a golf ball?’ . Teeing up the perfect shot comes with many, many years of practice and for all our newcomers to golf out there, it can be a daunting task. In this article, we will be looking at how to tee up your golf ball, depending on what club you are using. 

How High Should I Tee Up My Ball For a Driver?

For those of you who don’t know, the longest club in your golfing collection should be the driver. As this club has the most length, it will demand that the clubface strikes any teed-up ball on the upswing. Therefore, when preparing to use this club, you will have to tee up the golf ball at its very highest. 

According to golfing experts, when using the driver, the ball should be sitting equally to the crown or the top of the club. You will know that you have teed it up correctly when the bottom of the golf ball is in line with the top of the driver. This will make your swing more effective, and allow for maximum distance to be achieved. 

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How to Tee Up a Golf Ball

Teeing Up A Golf Ball When Using A Irons Or Wedge

As a general rule of thumb, when it comes to teeing up an iron shot, your ball should just be above ground level - your golf ball should look like it’s simply sitting on top of the ground. 

As well as having a driver present in your golf club collection, you may also have some Irons and Wedges. Typically, Irons are used when you are less than 200 yards away from the green (for the average golfer this could be as little as 100 yards, so don't worry!). The closer you are in distance to the green, the higher the iron you should be using.

When placing your golf on the tee, golfers should look to leave at least a quarter of the tee above the ground if they are using a long or mid-iron. However, for shorter Irons and Wedges, most players would look to press their tee all the way into the green. This means that only the head of the tee will be able to be seen. When looking at how high to tee up a golf ball, we recommend looking at how long your Iron is prior. 

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How Do You Hit A 3-Wood And a Hybrid?

Some other clubs you may consider using whilst playing a round of 18 holes are the 3-wood and hybrid clubs. When using these, you will be looking to hit down on the ball, rather than up, like you would with a driver. To achieve this, we recommend leaving at least one-half -to one-third of the ball above the crown of the club. This means that the 3-wood will be sitting about half an inch above the ground, making it at the perfect height for a good shot.  

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