2022 golf gift guide

3 Best Golf Gifts For 2022

With the gifting season swiftly approaching, it’s a good time to start thinking about getting the right gifts for our loved ones. Golf players can be a particularly tricky bunch to buy presents for, as getting a sense of what they need can be a highly personal affair. Black Friday is a great time to buy all your gifts for Christmas and having a solid idea of your purchases before the sales start can make the gifting season a breeze. In light of that, check out our top picks for 2022 golf gifts that are sure to bring a smile to every golf player’s face. 

1. Sustainable Golf Tees

Many golf players will already be aware of the ecological footprint the game has. The vast amount of water and the amount of plastic used in the game makes it one of the worst sports for the environment. Whilst it's difficult to decrease how golf courses are maintained as an individual, there are ways to reduce the use of plastic - by using bamboo!

If you’re looking for the perfect stocking-filler, there aren’t many better options than our sustainable golf tees. Setting up the perfect shot has never felt better than when you are using our eco-friendly bamboo tees. If the shot goes awry then you don’t have to fret as much as when a plastic tee gets loose. This is because bamboo tees don’t take the same toll when it comes to wildlife and environmental damage due to their biodegradability. Not only that, but our tees are available in a wide range of heights and thicknesses, allowing players to select the size that best suits their drive. 

Picking up a pack of sustainable golf tees is a great way to start decreasing a player’s environmental impact the next time they pick up their clubs. If you want to make sure your loved one is well stocked up in all sizes, it’s worth checking out our Christmas Gift Pack


stocking filler golf gift

2. Clean Strike Golf Cleaner

Another great golf gift for Christmas is our clean strike golf cleaner. Another small-sized gift that can easily fit into a stocking and on the side of a club bag. Our golf cleaner spray makes cleaning your clubs on the course or in the driving range much easier. The cleaning solution is manufactured from food waste and is designed to lift the dirt from the grooves of the club. As with all our products at the Bigger Ball, the golf cleaner is designed using sustainable ingredients that cause zero harm to the environment, keeping your clubs and your conscience clear at the same time. 

3. The Bigger Ball Gift Card

It isn’t easy making the choice of which gear to go for on behalf of someone else. If you’d prefer to let your loved one decide which kind of tees are best suited to them, you can also get them a gift card that can be redeemed on The Bigger Ball website so that you can be sure that they’re satisfied with their new present. Ranging from £10 to £50, our gift cards can be applied to any product on our store.