Golf Equipment

The Ultimate Golf Equipment List

Whether you’re new to the game, or a seasoned pro, it’s always worth ensuring you have the right equipment for your next day on the green. A lot more preparation goes into a game outside of ensuring you have a club and a ball, so let this list guide you on how to be fully ready to work on your handicap. From biodegradable golf tees to golf clothing, this list will cover what golf equipment you need for the best day of golf. 


Biodegradable Golf Tees

When you’re on the quest for the perfect swing, you’ll eventually come to figuring out how to optimise your lie - how the ball sits at rest. You can hit the ball without any ground resistance when you use a golf tee, especially when using a driver. You can tee the ball up higher or lower using a straight golf tee, which can alter the clubface's ball flight. A lower tee height will result in a lower ball flight, whereas a higher tee height will cause the ball to fly higher. Tees are a pretty essential component of optimising your swing, so it's a good idea to choose the right type and length of tee that would benefit your swing the most. 

Golf Equipment

Unfortunately, many of the tees used today are made of plastic. While you may think this doesn’t make a significant environmental impact, all of these plastic tees add up. Even if you collect your tees as often as possible, sometimes it's impossible to find and some will inevitably be left behind. Those left behind might get stuck in lawn mower blades, be picked up by smaller animals or just be left to slowly rot for the next however many hundred years. Thankfully, biodegradable bamboo tees exist, and the ones from The Bigger Ball come in all lengths that you could hope for. Whether you’re after short or long golf tees, we have you covered, so you can start perfecting your swing while also reducing your impact on the environment


How To Choose The Right Golf Clubs

Clubs are used to launch balls toward the holes. A club head, a shaft, and a grip make up a club. A basic set of golf clubs typically includes a range of woods, irons, wedges, and putters and is packaged in a bag of 14. Different degrees of trajectories and distances are designed to be provided by each type of golf club. Needless to say, they’re a pretty vital part of your golfing equipment.

Choosing the right clubs is a very personal endeavour, as your own golfing style and your personal preference of weight and balance come into play. It’s a good idea to try them out before buying to see whether they match your game. For some people its definitely worth visiting your local pro for a fitting, but if you’re playing for fun, just grab a club and get out on the course! 


What Golfing Attire Do You Need?

Truthfully, you can golf in just about anything so long as your movement isn’t restricted (that might rule out jeans). However, part of the fun sometimes is looking the part, and good clothing certainly goes a long way in ensuring you’re cool and comfortable, allowing you to focus on your game. Just like golf tees, small changes can make a big difference to your game. Perhaps with the addition of gloves and a cap, you’ll want to have all the items you normally wear when going out of the house. For the sake of a handy checklist, make sure you have the proper:

  • Golf shirt
  • Golfing jacket
  • Golfing trousers
  • Golfing shoes
  • Golfing gloves
  • Golfing hat. 

Also, dress for the weather! If it’s raining, wear a rain jacket (duh)! This may also factor in to what shoes you want to wear, or any extra thermal layers you may need. If it’s sunny, make sure you don’t roast your skin in the heat as a whole day of golfing can certainly be responsible for some nasty sunburn. A bottle of sun cream and a good water bottle can certainly go a long way in keeping you cool and ready to drive. 


What Other Golfing Equipment Do You Need?

From this point, you’re almost good to go and ready to golf. The final few bits and bobs you’ll want to have revolve around what you hit, balls! That’s already one thing that’s key to golfing, balls, and lot’s of them! Sometimes they have a tendency to get lost so make sure you have enough of them. 

Golf Equipment


Finally, golf balls may be lifted from their spots on the green for a variety of reasons, so to ensure their placement a marker is a good idea. Although this could come in the form of something like a coin, you can buy golf markers so that you always have one handy. Once you take your golf ball away, you may need a small divot tool. The marks or small damage left by a ball are repaired using this and it's good to have in order to respect the course and fellow golfers. 

With all of this, you should be set for a great day, all that is left is to enjoy!