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Do Golf Tees Make A Difference – Or Does It Even Matter?

Golf Tees - these little pegs are more important and creatively engineered than you think and are needed for almost every hole. Not all golf tees are friendly to the environment though and wooden ones seem to snap too easily. This is where the age-old debate of wooden vs. plastic golf tees comes in - The Bigger Ball decided to create Bamboo Golf Tees to end the debate. Bamboo is a grass, a long grain and is more flexible than other materials used for golf tees. This makes them both sturdier and more reliable in a game of golf. They’re also biodegradable, so when they do snap, they’ll break down quickly and not cause any ecological damage.

How To Choose The Right Golf Tee Size

Selecting a specific golf tee size is overlooked by golfers who often just take any tee off the shelf. Tee height can have a profound effect on the trajectory, accuracy, and spin rate of the ball during the shot. You can gain significant yardage by getting the tee height correct with the driver. Personal preference and swing style dictates the length of the tee selected to play. Longer tees allow you to strike the golf ball on an upward trajectory, generally producing more height and distance. Regular Tees should be a height that you are used to. They can help you achieve a better strike and aid distance, especially as you are probably more confident with this height.  A lower tee height can help you shallow out your angle of attack into the ball and create low launch conditions.

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The Bigger Balls Golf Tee Options

We have 8 different golf tee sizes for you to choose from, ranging from 25mm to 83mm. The Bigger Ball tees are pre-marked, choose what tees you need depending on how big your driver's head is and what shot you’re aiming for. The tees only go partly into the ground and there you are, the perfect tee height. You can also ensure consistency using this method too.

Why A Golf Tee Bag Is Useful

Golf Tees are tiny and easily misplaced or dropped during a game of golf. We've created Bigger Ball golf tee bags for you to store your golf tees, balls, markers, and other items efficiently, avoiding the classic bottom-of-your-bag searching mid-game. We made a drawstring pouch, made from organic cotton to ensure their friendliness to the environment. We also have our Bamboo Fibre Golf Towels to help keep your clubs and other accessories clean while you're out and about on the course.