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Autumn Is Here: Why Is Autumn The Best Season To Play Golf?

As the temperature begins to fall and the daylight hours shorten, autumn is the transition between summer and winter, a period of bonfires and fireworks, and one that can offer golfers the opportunity to extend their golfing for that little bit longer. Autumn in golf circles is a much anticipated time of the year, for a number of good reasons too.

Many keen golfers will know that one of the best-kept secrets in golf is the serenity that comes with playing in autumn and how it is an underrated period of the year to play, with plenty of benefits to get excited about. Whether it be the contrasting, magical colours, those crisp morning tee-offs, or the quieter, relaxed pace of play, playing golf in the autumn can boast a whole different game that playing in the summer months simply doesn't offer. 

In this article, we will be exploring some of the core features you can expect when playing golf in the autumn, as well as some of the best colour golf balls to play with and golf clothing to wear in autumn.

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What Are The Benefits Of Playing Golf In Autumn?

There are a whole host of exciting features and special advantages that come exclusively with golfing in the autumn. Below you will find some of our favourite reasons why you should reconsider putting your golf clubs into storage too soon.

Better Access to a Larger Number of Golf Courses

Playing golf in the autumn can give you increased access to a larger number of courses. The phrase ‘fair weather golfer’ relates to the type of golfers often deterred by the faintest bit of rainfall or bad weather. Regardless of wet conditions dampening a round of golf, there are still plenty of opportunities to get out on your local club's golf course and get practising. As the autumn season draws nearer, the footfall across many golf courses will usually decrease as a result, meaning increased availability at your favourite golf courses.

The Beautiful Scenery for Playing Golf

One of the largest benefits of playing golf in the autumn is the tranquil, picturesque landscapes. Picture this…golden leaves, empty courses and a hot drink to finish. Simply put: they are beautiful.

As the leaves begin to change colour and night falls earlier, the scenery across your local golf course will be simply breathtaking, with mesmerising views as far as the eye can see. As the warmth starts to hibernate and the enjoyment of the summer months draws to a close, we can look forward to a different round of experiences presenting themselves as we enter the autumn golfing season.

Most courses will have undergone a full season of TLC over the course of the summer months, meaning they have received regular upkeep, watering and general maintenance. This, combined with the added moisture in the air, crisp leaves on the floor and captivating sunsets can offer you a truly stunning course to play on before the season officially ends.

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It Can Be a Good Time to Invest in New Golf Equipment

A major advantage to golfing in the fall is that it can often be a good time of the year to invest in golf equipment. Generally speaking, the majority of golfers will opt to buy new golf accessories and equipment at the start of the season, around spring time. However, this is also the time when manufacturers and golf retailers will release newer models and versions of equipment at retail prices. By waiting until the autumn season when the end of the core golf season draws to a close you may find prices fall lower than they were at the start of the season. You may even find your local golf pro has wider availability in their schedule for golf lessons, which is a great time to get practising and soak up every last opportunity you can. 

What Are The Best Colour Golf Balls For Playing Golf In Autumn?

Every year we ask ourselves what the best colour golf balls for autumn golfing are, and you may be wondering the same. The best colour golf balls for playing golf in autumn are either yellow, pink or green golf balls, as they are generally the easiest to spot. Orange golf balls can be particularly difficult to locate amongst the autumn leaves and foliage - making the brighter balls generally the easiest to spot. Although you would expect the red golf balls to pose as a favourite for playing golf in autumn, many often find these can be difficult to collect after teeing off unless you have a super keen eye.

Although these are just our findings, the overall question can be very subjective from person-to-person, and the best way to find which colour golf ball works best for you is to simply practice on the course as the days grow shorter and you are faced with transitioning elements, lighting and scenery on the golf course.

What Clothing Should You Wear For Playing Golf In Autumn?

As the temperature decreases, it is important to stay warm, dry and comfortable throughout your game. Consider extra layers, whether it be shirts, vests, sweatshirts, jackets or pullovers. Good quality golf clothing will often be lightweight, stylish, tailored and, of course, comfortable. Golf apparel is designed in a way that attempts to maximise freedom of movement. It can also be a good idea to look into wearing heavier trousers and warmer socks. Depending on the temperature that day, you may even want to consider a golf hat or beanie to keep your head warm.