UK Golf Season

When Does The UK Golf Season Begin & How Long Does It Last For?

It's Spring: the clocks have changed, the grass is getting greener and our excitement is growing for that summer golf season! But, there’s a lot of debate around when the golf season starts, does it really finish, and when can you next swing a club! 

When Is Golf Season in the UK?

Traditionally in the UK, the golfing season begins in April and ends in September. With the longer, warmer, dryer days… hopefully… It provides the perfect conditions for golf. But UK golfers often tend to play whenever the weather permits all year round. Most clubs hold tournaments through this period, and some of the biggest competitions in the world are also held during this time, including the Masters which is held in April and The Open which takes place in July. 

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But What About the Rest of the Year?

It’s more possible now than ever to play golf all year round. With the development of simulators, indoor ranges, night golf and more, we really are spoilt for choice. Most clubs now have a driving range on site, and an increasing number are being fitted with top tracer technology with screens allowing you to play with friends, both competitively and for fun. Top Golf UK are a leading example of this. 

With entertainment, food and heaters, they are set up for year-round golfing and fun! Even in the middle of London, you can now play St. Andrews as if you are really there, from the comfort of a bar! Places such as pitch golf and tee box are leading this space. Some clubs are even making it possible to play late into the evening with the introduction of night golf. This uses flood lights, glow sticks, and sometimes even light up balls to navigate your way down the course… just be careful if you go out of bounds… you may need a torch! 

Take a Break?

With the longer, wetter winters, UK golfers often jet off to other parts of the world to play golf. Some of the ‘Hot’ spots include Spain, Portugal, Italy and Australia. 

For year-round sun, Australian golf offers stunning courses, plenty of choice and guaranteed nice weather… but it can be a long way to go. 

For something closer to home, Spanish golf has all you need, with Mild conditions, usually dry, firmer ground and easy accessibility at reasonable prices. 

Traveling with your clubs is easier than ever. We are always looking to develop sustainable products at The Bigger Ball and will be looking into travel cases and golf bags soon! 

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Play Sustainably!

No matter what season or location you play, whether it's one of the UK’s 2000 plus courses, the other side of the world in Australia, or underground in London - It’s always important to think about the way you're playing and the sustainability of the products you are using. 

We offer a range of eco-friendly and sustainable golf products at The Bigger Ball. From Bamboo golf tees, to a Sustainable club cleaning spray, we are always looking at new items and will be working hard to launch soon new products such as reusable water bottles for golf, golf bags, golf balls, maybe one day clubs too! 

Your support and help takes us one step closer to this goal. To us, launching a new product is like hitting a personal best score. Another step in the right direction… but immediately the goal posts move and we want better! 

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