sustainable golf tee

3 Tips On How To Be Better At Golf

Here at The Bigger Ball, alongside our mission to make golf more sustainable we strive in making golf a better game for everyone. Our enthusiasm and passion for the sport has led to us opting for alternative equipment that not only provides better play but also is better for the environment. Whether you're a full-on beginner or an advanced golf player we’ve got some key tips to optimise your performance in golf, that we’ve learnt on the way. In this article, we’ll go through said tips, and explain how you can improve your game and overall performance in golf! 


sustainable golf tee

1. Get Fitted With the Right Equipment

When sourcing the right equipment, it’s important to purchase the correct equipment but also consider what might work for your height, body type and physical strength. Each performance is a reflection of the player's skills, but also, their equipment. 

With golf more than any other sport due to its amount of land required, it can destroy natural habitats to build courses, removing native species and contributing to soil erosion and sediment runoff to nearby bodies of water. Here at The Bigger Ball, we aim to provide all golfers with not only equipment for a better game but equipment for a more sustainable one. One thing everyone can do to make for a more sustainable golf game is to start eliminating the use of plastic within the sport. Remove plastic and introduce Bamboo Golf Tees to your next golf game, using a resource that doesn’t pollute and also is one of the world's fastest-growing natural resources. Think smart and opt for The Long One or the RED (32mm) or the BLUE (39mm) or the PINK (59mm) etc. 

2. Set Yourself Goals 

To progress in any sport, including golf, requires precision and technique. Even if you're a complete beginner or consider yourself a professional, it’s always great to set goals and track performance. 

With the introduction of SMART goals fast-tracking its way through the sporting world, giving yourself personal challenges can help you to focus on what’s important and provides a general sense of control and positive self-direction in golf. SMART goals stand for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time-Based. All of these are relevant factors that compensate for an effective improvement in your golf performance. 


green sustainable golf tees

3. Keep It Enjoyable

Did you know that when we anticipate a reward our dopamine level spikes? If a sport is kept at an enjoyable level the motivation and determination to improve becomes a natural response. 

Keep your practice regular, learn from your friends, gather new techniques and build on your strengths. After all, practice makes perfect, and doing so whilst enjoying the sport makes for an ideal game of golf. Here at The Bigger Ball, we strive yourself on providing for everyday golf essentials, at all levels.