green golf tees made from moso bamboo

What Is Moso Bamboo & Why Do We Use It To Make Our Golf Tees?

Here at The Bigger Ball, we have big green ambitions. We understand that when it comes to golf, we still have a way to go to make it a more sustainable sport. We want to develop new sustainably sourced materials, and create a range of accessories and apparel which will not only help your golfing game, but also, the planet. In this article, we will be looking at moso bamboo, and why we use it when creating our sustainable golf tees.

What Is Moso Bamboo?

Moso bamboo, or Phyllostachys edulis, originates in China, Japan and Taiwan, where it is used extensively in the production of paper pulp and edible shoots. It is one of the largest temperate species of timber bamboo on earth. 

If you didn’t already know, moso bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants. Another fun fact about natural moso bamboo is that formally, it is a grass - not a wood. However, much like hardwood, moso bamboo is versatile and extremely strong. 

the bigger ball yellow bamboo golf tees

Why Do We Use Bamboo For Our Golf Tees?

Whilst plastic golf tees can last for a long period of time, this also means that they can stick around for much longer than we intend them to. So, why should you opt for a bamboo alternative?

1. Is Bamboo Really a Durable Material?

After bamboo has been processed, it becomes an extremely hard and durable material - not to mention, versatile. This means that moso bamboo can be used for heavy duty purposes, including for golf equipment. Golf tees in particular need to be able to withstand a hit, without breaking - and that’s why we have chosen bamboo as our material of choice.

Due to how bamboo grows, it will shrink and swell much less than other solid wood types. This means that it provides an extremely stable solution. As we’ve said above, whilst bamboo has similar characteristics to wood, it’s actually a type of grass. Due to this, bamboo can be a lot more flexible, and much less likely to snap - making it all the more versatile. 

2. Bamboo Is One Of The Most Sustainable Materials

Another reason we have opted for this sustainable material is because of the moso bamboo growth rate. Bamboo is known as an ‘endless’ resource because it grows so quickly. In fact, it’s one of the world's fastest-growing natural resources ever!

Bamboo can grow up to 1 metre per day, during this growth period, the stems actually absorb more CO2 than is released during production. This means that we can make our golf tees knowing that the materials we use are CO2 neutral. Here at The Bigger Ball, we can proudly say that all of our castle golf tees have been designed using 100% bamboo from sustainable sources. 

the bigger ball blue bamboo golf tees

3. Better For Golf & Better For The Planet

Finally, with more sustainable material comes a better carbon footprint. As well as bamboo tees being better for the environment than their plastic counterparts, they are also a good golfing companion. 

As bamboo is naturally strong and flexible, it means there will be fewer snaps. However, if you do find that your golf tee breaks, finding them on the green is no longer a problem. With their vivid design, they are much easier to spot. Also, if you accidentally leave them behind, our golf tees are 100% biodegradable. 

Speaking of the golf course, did you know that millions of golf tees are left on the green every year? This can be a greenskeeper's worst nightmare, and can truly affect the healthiness of the course. Our sustainable golf tees are much better for a club’s mower blades compared to plastic alternatives.