straight bamboo golf tee box of 20 tees

What Golf Tees Do Pros Use?

We are all trying our best to play like the golf pros. So, do they do anything different to us when teeing it up? Can a pro golf tee make a difference to your shot? Is there even such a thing?  We are here to bust the myths. 

What Golf Tees Do Pros Use?

It's pretty common on the PGA tour for players to use a straight hardwood golf tee. There is nothing unique or special about the tees they use. In fact, there are regulations preventing professionals from using certain types of golf tee in competition. Like a castle golf tee, where it has its height is predetermined by the base of the tee. 

Why Hardwood Golf Tees?

Well... it's hard to tell why these are so popular, but mainly it's down to tradition. Hardwood tees date back many years and are simply what players know. But more and more at tournaments, we are starting to see professional golfers using bamboo golf tees. They hit hundreds of balls and see the benefits of using a stronger material and also one that is more readily available. Because bamboo is grass, it has longer fibres and more flex compared to regular hardwood tees, meaning it is less likely to snap.   

Any Other Golf Tee Materials?

Sometimes you might see a plastic tee in use. But this has no advantage, and if lost, can pollute the course. For short irons and par 3's, you may sometimes see players use their club to push up a small mound of dirt and place the ball on top. This method was originally how golf was played, believe it or not! But thankfully Dr. George Grant back in 1899 was tired of getting dirty hands and invented the tee as we know it!