Bamboo golf tees

Sustainable Golf Week: Environmentally-Friendly Golf Tees You Have To Try!

In light of sustainable golf week which took place on October 3rd of this year, we wanted to have our say with some small adjustments you can make for your equipment that will go a long way in making your game more sustainable. The annual event serves as a perfect time for those in the industry and golf players to reflect on ways to make the game more sustainable while celebrating all that golf has to offer, which is exactly what The Bigger Ball is all about. As global issues and greenhouse gas consumption continues to increase throughout the world, it has never been more appropriate to take a step back and rethink how we approach our day-to-day lives and the things we love. Making small adjustments can go a long way, even for things as small as golf tees!

Why Is Sustainability So Important In Golf?

Although most golf players will associate golf with wide-open greens and trees, the truth is that golf has a very tangible impact on the environment, so much so that it is in fact the most polluting sport in the world. The primary reason for this is water consumption. It takes a lot of water to properly maintain a golf course since the grass needs constant maintenance. Sadly, there aren’t too many ways to properly combat this fact other than monitoring and optimizing the way that clubs manage their greens. Thankfully, there are other factors that contribute to the ecological factors which are easier to tackle from an individual’s perspective. This includes the kind of equipment people are buying, how they travel to golf courses and how frequently they replace their equipment. Sustainable golf week puts a spotlight on golf as a sport to address these issues and to take the opportunity to act as a positive force for change in the industry. 


Sustainable Golf Week

Why Start Using Sustainable Golf Tees?

Golf tees are an example of a small piece of equipment that cumulatively makes a big impact on the ecological footprint of the sport. If you’ve ever had a rough tee-off at the start of a hole you’ll know that golf tees can go flying into the course, and it isn’t always so easy to find where they go. The result of this is that a lot of golf tees end up being discarded and left to sit in the nearby plants that are home to wildlife. Not only do these tees take a long time to decompose, but they are also hazardous to the animals that inhabit the environment. Not only this, but golf players will then need to replace their tees which means more plastic ends up being consumed. That’s why we’ve decided to start spreading the good news about our bamboo golf tees, which are biodegradable and that are made sustainably. 

Bamboo Castle Golf Tees

The most popular choice for bamboo golf tees tends to be our PINK Castle golf tees. Our tees are made from 100% bamboo from sustainable sources and the tee printing ink is completely biodegradable. Because bamboo is sturdy and flexible by nature, meaning fewer snaps while you’re playing, and less of a need to buy replacements! As a result, you'll find yourself spending less money upon realizing how long a pack of 20 tees can last you. Our tees are colour coded by size, so you find the perfect tee to enhance your game.