yellow golf tees father's day gift

Sustainable Golf Gifts For Father's Day 2023

Father’s Day is all about celebrating our dads, and getting him gifts that he will love throughout the year. For many of us, our fathers can be a slight enigma and buying them gifts can be a daunting task. However, here at The Bigger Ball, we truly understand not only dads but golfers everywhere. Here are our top sustainable golf gifts for Father’s Day 2023.

Why Shop Sustainability This Father’s Day?

We all know that dads are notoriously hard to buy for, which can make Father’s Day all the more tricky. So, when shopping around this year, why not opt for something a little more unique? Here at The Bigger Ball sustainability is our primary concern. We want to offer products which are not only high-quality, but also kind to the planet. 

Father’s Day can be a chance to introduce dad to a brand which they love, and will keep coming back for more. We have a range of golf gifts for him that he is bound to adore, and even more than that, we also have plenty of inspiration for the coming years - we know that buying for Father’s Day never gets easier! 

microfiber bamboo golf towels

1. Sustainable Bamboo Fibre Golf Towel

Speaking of Father’s Day 2023, may we introduce you to our 100% Bamboo Fibre Towel? Coming in three show stopping colours, these towels can make for the perfect Father’s Day presents. 

They are fast drying, easy to clean and absorbent - all of this on top of them being made using sustainably produced bamboo fibre, makes them a complete winner for both your Dad, and the planet. 

As well as being the perfect addition to anyone’s golf bag, they also come with a carabiner clip which makes for easy attachment. Your dad can say goodbye to losing their golfing towel, or having it drop to their bottom of their kit - you can now securely attach it to your bag. This present is a hole-in-one if you ask us!

yellow bamboo golf tee bundle pack gift

2. Bamboo Castle Golf Tee Bundle Pack

Now, would it be a golf-inspired Father’s Day list without the mention of bamboo golfing tees? We thought not! If you are looking for a luxury golf gift for him, then we couldn’t recommend these tees enough. 

Did you know that millions of golf tees are lost every year? That’s right. The loss of these plastic tees may seem minor, but they truly add up. This unfortunately means golf is a lot less eco-friendly than we would like.  Bamboo golf tees can be the perfect replacement for their plastic counterparts - and make for the perfect Father’s Day gift. 

We offer a range of tees, including our Bamboo Castle Tee Bundle Pack which is great value for money, and gives your gift recipient everything they need to get golfing! In this pack, you will find: 

  • 20 x GREEN 25mm
  • 20 x RED 32mm
  • 20 x BLUE 39mm
  • 20 x YELLOW 45mm
  • 20 x PINK 59mm
  • 20 x ORANGE 70mm 
organic cotton golf accessories bag

3. Accessories Bag - Organic Cotton

Finally, to top it all off, we have the 100% organic cotton accessories bag. No matter what sport you play, having an accessories bag which can hold all those smaller pieces of your kit is a must. If you are on the hunt for golf gifts for Father’s Day, then this addition to his kit is a grand idea. Not to mention, we bet he hasn’t already thought of it! 

One of the main woes when it comes to golfing is all the tees, markers or balls falling to the bottom of your bag. Well, we completely eradicated this problem by introducing the organic cotton accessories bag. Go on, get your dad a unique present this year!