Letterbox Friendly Golf Gifts

3 Letterbox Friendly Golf Gifts for Easter 2023

Easter is around the corner in the UK and while everyone’s rushing about trying to remember their loved ones' favourite chocolate we have some unique and alternative easter gift ideas for you to give the golf lover in your life. It’s always refreshing to receive something that's not chocolate on Easter and these are our 3 favourite sustainable, letterbox-friendly golf gift ideas to give your loved ones this Easter! 


Gifts For The Golf Beginner 

Our Golf Tee Starter Pack comes with 20 of each of the following tees: 


This starter pack is perfect for a variety of shots and holes. Our castle golf tees are made from 100% sustainable bamboo as we are passionate about encouraging the golfing industry to stop using plastic tees altogether. The ink used to print on our golf tees is fully biodegradable. Golf Tee’s are something that golfers can never really have too many of. These are a great gift for any golfer really but particularly those that are just starting out or only really play socially. We also have our drawstring Organic Cotton Golf Accessories Bag -  these are perfect for storing golf tee’s or balls to and from the course and are handy to have whilst on the course playing. The Golfaccesories bag would be perfect to gift with our sustainable golf tees as a way for them to be stored to and from the club. 

Letterbox Friendly Golf Gift - golf tees starter pack 

Gifts For The Semi-Pro Golfer Who Seems To Have All The Gear

One of The Bigger Ball Bamboo Golf Towels would also be a great gift to give to any golf player as golf towels are probably not something your dad would regularly go out of their way to buy for themselves but would love to receive. Our sustainably made, bamboo-fibre towels come in 3 colour options of black, blue and grey and have a carabiner clip for easy bag attachment whilst on the course. 

We also have our customisable bag tags that are made from a variety of FSC-certified hardwoods and colour options like mahogany, cherry and oak. You can customise the name to whatever you like, making them a very thoughtful gift and addition to any golfing bag. 

 letterbox friendly golf gift - customisable bag tag

What To Get The Fussy Golf Player

If you really are stuck with what golfing accessory would be the best Easter gift and know the person you’re buying the gift for is very particular we do have our Bigger Ball Gift Cards which are a great, stress-free gift option. Gift Cards allow the recipient to purchase what they really want - If they’re currently stocked up they can always use it for new golf tees or accessories later. Our Bigger Ball gift cards are valid for up to a year so no rush for them to use them!

Any of these gift ideas will be a great alternative to the traditional chocolate Easter Gifts we’re used to receiving and it always feels good to know you’re giving a sustainably produced gift and supporting a smaller business at the same time. Wishing you a happy Easter!