New Product Launch: Introducing Our Bamboo Microfibre Golf Towel

New Product Launch: Introducing Our Bamboo Microfibre Golf Towel

Here at The Bigger Ball, we are always growing and adding to our line of sustainable golfing products. In this article, we will be telling you everything you need to know about our latest launch - introducing, our Bamboo Microfibre Golf Towel, your new best friend when it comes to making your golf game greener. 


Why Choose Bamboo?

If you are an avid golfer, you may already be suited and booted. In your equipment, there are already sure to be a few golfing favourites, which you can’t tee off without. But what about a bamboo towel? 

We all hate our golf clubs getting dirty. After a long day on the course, our clubs can come away worse for wear. Typically, many of us will use an old rag or even a club cleaning cloth. These are often made from a non-biodegradable fabric, such as nylon. That means that when you are done using it for all your golfing endeavours, it will not break down, and will, in turn, be bad for the planet. 

That's why, here at The Bigger Ball, we created a bamboo towel!

bamboo microfibre towel

Everything You Need To Know About Our Bamboo Microfibre Golf Towel

As we have mentioned above, our Bamboo Fibre Towels are made from 100% natural materials - of course, including bamboo. It comes in three fetching colour ways, black, grey, and white which will surely go with the rest of your golfing equipment. It also comes with a carabiner clip to make for an easy attachment to any bag. It can be securely attached using the carabiner clip included, and not to mention the soft material is perfect for keeping your clubs clean. 

But moving away from aesthetics, this is the best microfibre towel you can invest in. Our Bamboo Golf Towel is absorbent, fast drying, easy to clean, and most of all sustainably produced. So, the next time you are looking for ways to make your golf game more green, we highly suggest you try keeping the planet as clean as your clubs. 


3 Additional Ways To Make Your Golf Game More Sustainable

As well as getting your hands on a microfibre golf towel, there are plenty of other ways that you can tee off with sustainability in mind. 


Bamboo Golf Tees

Did you know that billions of golf tees are lost every year, or simply left behind on golf courses? In addition to your new bamboo golf towel, might we recommend bamboo golf tees? 

Bamboo golf tees are more sustainable, and better for the planet. They are also just as robust as their plastic counterparts and are able to take the force of a golf club swing.  Not to mention, bamboo grows far quicker than most trees and requires no pesticides - so you can golf, guilt-free. Also, unlike plastic golf tees, they are completely biodegradable which is perfect for the ‘green’ golfer. 


Sustainable Cleaning Spray

Talking of dirty golfing equipment, have you ever noticed how grimy golf balls can get? Cleaners, such as Clean Strike, are a much more eco-friendly way of cleaning your golfing essentials. Without using any harsh chemicals, this spray is made from food waste, which will lift the dirt from the grooves in your golf club or from your balls. Not only does this make it easier for you to clean your equipment on the go, but it also is a much more eco-conscious way of doing so.

 organic cotton golf tees bag

More Eco-Friendly Golf Accessories

Sustainable golfing accessories are quickly becoming all the rage. Why would you pick something that is bad for the environment over something that could make a real change? For example, an organic cotton bag can keep your tees, balls, markers, and other items from dropping to the bottom of your caddy. 

Organic cotton is by far the more sustainable choice when it comes to shopping around for golfing accessories, as it uses 91% less water than regular cotton, and also produces fewer greenhouse gases. So whilst picking up the best golf towel we have to offer, why not also grab an organic cotton bag?