Sustainable Golf Courses in the UK

Top Sustainable Golf Course Locations in the UK

For many golfers over the globe, prioritising more sustainable practices is a must - starting with the course they play on. In terms of sustainability, golf can be one of the most destructive sports, as it takes a lot away from the planet to keep the courses green, and can damage the surrounding wilderness - not to mention all the debris which is left around such as discarded plastic golf tees.

For sustainable golf course management, the main goals surround creating and managing dry, firm and playable fairways which can also be populated with grasses, plants and various forms of wildlife. Also, many golf courses now are moving away from chemicals, and fertilisers, and focusing on water management as well. In this article, we will be looking at the top sustainable golf courses in the UK, and how they aim to be more eco-friendly. 


Sustainable Golf Course in the UK

Royal Liverpool Golf Club

If hitting some of the most sustainable golf courses is one your bucket list for 2023, then look no further than the Royal Liverpool Golf Club. If you didn’t already know, this course was the 12-time Open host, and the last two championships were played there - including golfing legends such as Tiger Woods and Rory Mcllory. It’s a slightly windy course due to the tricky dunes present and the undulations that pop up, and is ideal for golfing pros or those looking to hone their skills. Pack your bamboo golf tees, and give this infamous course a go!


Berkhamsted Golf Club, Hemel Hempstead

Next up, we have Berkhamsted Golf Club in Hemel Hempstead. Situated in an area of breathtaking natural beauty, this sustainable golf course is flanked by gorse, heather and a forest of trees. Along this course, you will see no man-made bunkers, and only natural hazards or obstacles will be present. This provides a unique, and eco-friendly challenge for any golfer - whether you are an amateur in training or a professional. This golf course is ideal for those looking to enjoy the beautiful countryside and is a great opportunity to test your golfing skills in a completely natural setting. 


UK Sustainable Golf Courses

Royal Birkdale In Southport

If you are looking to break away from those London golf courses, then why not visit Royal Birkdale in Southport?  Since 1954, Birkdale has hosted the Open ten times, and you won’t be disappointed by the surroundings of the course. Surrounded by a completely green environment, Royal Birkdale is the course for you if you are looking to spend time amongst nature. Not only does the course have peak environmental excellence, but it also provides a hole-by-hole guide of all the animals and plants present around the course. This gives the chance for players to spot some of the rarer creatures that live around the area, and also, allows them to see how the work with nature and conservation organisations this establishment does truly pays off. More vital steps towards sustainable golf course management is how this course aims to be at the forefront of sensitive land and water management - so, tee off in a more sustainable way in 2023 by visiting green courses such as Royal Birkdale.