Golf Gifts

Golf Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything

Some people can be so tough to buy gifts for, it’s hard at times to even know where to start. You may know though that they are a fan of golf, which at least gives you something to work with. 

Unfortunately, you can’t give someone the gift of a better swing, but there are a lot of golf-related gifts out there that you can get for someone that seemingly has everything. Whether you’re getting golf gifts for dad or you’re simply after gifts for someone who is a lover of the sport, this golfing gift guide has you covered!


What To Look For In A Golf Gift

The Bigger Ball is all about sustainability, so we would always recommend something that is built to last. Not only is it nice to know that you’re using a piece of equipment that is well made and durable, but owning something like this benefits the environment. 

Golf Gifts


If you own an item for longer, you won’t need to buy a replacement as quick which reduces your waste. You can go one step further and make sure the thing you are buying the lucky gift receiver is made from recycled materials or materials that can be easily recycled in the future. The only thing that makes the joy of buying someone a gift even greater is knowing that you’re doing it at no cost to the environment!

Another thing to look out for in gifts is size. A lot of this will fall under personal preference. While it goes without saying that golfing clothing should be bought according to the size of the recipient which might be fairly obvious, their chosen size of golf club or tee may be less apparent. Try and do some sneaky research before buying to see what their size of choice is, as you may be surprised as to what their choice is!

Our Top Recommended Golf Gifts

The guide below offers ideas for all skill levels and price ranges if you need inspiration for golf presents or want to drop some hints to those who are shopping for you. If you’re an avid golfer yourself, proceed with caution as you may not be able to resist picking some of these up for yourself as well. 


  • Bamboo Golf Tees

You can help golf players instantly improve their game by buying them the right golf tee. It’s much easier to hit the ball without any ground resistance when you use a golf tee, especially when using a driver. 

A lower tee height will result in a lower ball flight, whereas a higher tee height would cause the ball to fly higher, so finding a player’s personal preference is key here. Luckily, our bamboo golf tees come in all shapes and sizes. 

All of the bamboo used to create our castle golf tees came from sustainable sources and the printing ink used on the t-shirts is also completely biodegradable. Users will experience fewer snaps while playing since bamboo is inherently robust and flexible. If these tees do ever get lost in the rough or out of sight, rest assured they won’t cause any harm to the environment, making them a great gifting option.

  • Sustainable Golf Gifts

Why not look the part on the green while also doing your bit for the environment? There are increasingly more options available nowadays for sustainable fashion, and golfing attire is no different. 

All it takes is a quick Google search and you’ll be led to golfing attire brands that are environmentally conscious as well. It’s always worth looking at what materials are used, how they are sourced, and how they can be disposed of to ensure that what you’re buying is truly sustainable. 

Whilst there are plenty of options available, one of our favourite brands at the moment is Reflo. Advanced technical textiles woven from recycled garbage are used to make their apparel. Their clothing is repurposed from coffee beans and single-use plastic waste. They also follow several sustainability certifications while making our fabrics, including Global Recycled Standard, Bluesign, Oeko-Tex, and U Trust.

  • Golf Gifts That Stand The Test Of Time

We now inevitably come to some other golf gifts, ones that will never go out of fashion. Depending on your budget, you may be interested in buying your intended gift receiver some golf clubs. This would be incredibly thoughtful - albeit expensive. Just be sure that the clubs you buy are appropriate for the player who will use them in terms of size, weight and balance. Picking a golf club is always a tricky affair, and it’s normally best that the player is able to try them out or at least hold them in their hands before buying them.

If the above sounds too expensive, or too complicated, there are a number of other golfing accessories that any golf lover will appreciate. A new pair of gloves for that all important grip will always be welcome, as would a new golfing hat. If you want to push the boat out you may even consider buying them a new golf club bag. 

If, after these, you are still unsure as to what to buy there’s always one more item. Something that every golfer is in constant, dire need of… Golf balls!