Bamboo Castle Golf Tees

Beginner's Golf Guide 101: 3 Tips To Take To Your Next Golf Game

A golf tee is nearly the only time in a game of golf that can set us up for the perfect lie. All golfers are after that optimised shot. But can a golf tee really make the difference between a hole-in-one or a missed shot? In this article, we will be breaking down what a lie is in golf, how to correctly tee up your ball, and what the best golf tee is. 

What Is 'A Lie' In Golf?

A lie is how the ball sits at rest. A golfer can have a good lie if the ball is sat on flat ground in the middle of the fairway. A bad lie could be on rough terrain, on a slope, or worst of all in a bush. It's a way of describing how hard or easy your shot is.

As well as a game of skill, golf can also give us good and bad luck. But one thing is for sure, a game is never boring, or is the same twice!  A ball can be hit straight down the fairway, but finish in a divot, or land in trees but bounce out on the green. So if you have a chance to place the ball exactly how you want it, should you take it?

How To Correctly Tee Up A Golf Ball

Using a golf tee allows you to hit the ball with no interference from the ground, especially with a driver. Using a straight golf tee will allow you to tee the ball up higher or lower, which can change the ball flight of the clubface. A lower tee height will mean a lower ball flight, whereas a higher tee height will, you guessed it, make it go higher. 

Most of us, however, just want to hit the golf ball straight down the fairway the same every time. The Castle Golf Tee was designed to do just this. It stands on the ground at a certain height every time. This for golfers means consistency. The aim of the game. Now, although the ball might not always do what we want, we might as well give it a good chance, by putting it in the exact same position we had it in when we hit that perfect drive down the middle. So when we can, yes, tee it up!

What's The Best Golf Tee?

There's a mix of lengths, heights, and sizes to choose from. A lesson with a pro, or simply through trial and error, can be the best way to find the height for you. But if there's one thing for certain is that using bamboo golf tees is the best for the environment.

Golf tees get lost, snap, dropped, and you may think someone on the course picks them up, however, this isn't always the case. They can be hidden, chopped by mower blades, picked up by wildlife, and uselessly left to rot. Except the plastic versions don't. We all know the plastic story by now, so if you want to make one change in your life to use less plastic, try bamboo golf tees!