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4 Ways To Make Your Next Golf Event More Sustainable

Golf events are a great hub for networking and they bring a lot of enthusiasm to the game. However, because of the large number of people involved, big golf events like any have the capability to generate a significant amount of waste. By swapping out a few options for a few more sustainable products, golf events can try to be as sustainable and planet friendly as possible. 

Here at The Bigger Ball, we’re on a mission to make golf an all-round more sustainable sport, by replacing materials like single-use plastic with sustainable alternatives. Sustainable solutions that not only improve your game but also minimise waste and are better for the planet.

Therefore, we’ve pulled together four sustainable solutions to consider when hosting your next golf event that encourages the use of sustainable materials.

orange bamboo golf tee in the ground

1. Swap Plastic for Bamboo Golf Tees

Around 5 million golf tees are used in golf games each year, so the amount of plastic discarded when plastic golf tees are lost has a significant impact on our planet. Swapping out plastic golf tees for a more flexible and sustainable option, like bamboo, means that not only will the golf tee be more durable, but it will mean you are causing the least amount of impact on the environment.

Switching to bamboo is an excellent golf tee replacement to standard materials such as plastic or wood, since it grows exceptionally quickly and requires very little water or pesticides to thrive. There are a wide variety of colours and sizes used within golf and with The Bigger Ball’s Bamboo Golf Tees you can stock up on each colour to suit your game style, whilst having peace of mind that the quality is going to last! 

2. Switch to Reusable Golf Equipment & Accessories

It is important to keep hydrated whilst playing golf and other sports from tennis to football to Padel and so when buying water bottles for an event, think twice about stocking up on single use water bottles. Instead, opt for reusable water bottles or water refill stations to ensure plastic waste is kept to a minimum. Avoid anything single-use plastic where possible as this will not only keep your environmental impact to a minimum, but it also means that the clean up will be a little easier at the end. 

bamboo microfiber towel

3. Offer Sustainable Gifts & Prizes 

If you are holding competitions with prizes at your golf event or if you will be giving out gifts throughout the day, then opting for sustainable golf accessories is a great way to go. We stock a variety of sustainable gifts here at The Bigger Ball and opting for products like our bamboo microfiber towel is a great way to incorporate prizes that are not only golf related, but that are also good for the planet. 

An absorbent, fast-drying and easy-to-clean golf prize that is also sustainably produced using bamboo fibre. Our bamboo golf towels are a great alternative to the standard cotton towel, particularly as cotton is one of the most polluting materials due to the large amount of water required to produce it. 

With sustainable meeting practicality, another great golf accessory is our clean strike sustainable golf cleaner made from food waste. The golf cleaning solution lifts the dirt from the grooves of the golf club making it easy for you to clean your clubs while you are playing on the golf course or at the driving range. The perfect gift or prize to commemorate the day.

personalised golf bag tag

4. Explore Custom Wooden Bag Tags 

For that extra special touch, whether it’s for that worthy prize winner or an event, our Wooden custom bag tags are a great bespoke and sustainable golf accessory. With 5 plus sizes to choose from, the bespoke engraving and designs are a great alternative to help minimise the use of plastic and introduce more sustainable alternatives. 

Using FSC-certified natural wood alongside multiple coloured finishes, our custom golf bag tags are available in an assortment of colours, sizes and shapes varying from circle, square or rectangle, to tombstone and pear drop. The golf tags are available with custom engraving and can make for a great conversation piece at a golf game or event, and a great sustainable solution to present your event and club in a fun way. For our custom engravings these can consist of your name, club logo, or other designs and allows for you to make your golf bag your own and stand out on the course!

As a result, opting for more reusable and durable sustainable products to replace one-off plastic products is a great solution to making any game of golf more sustainable. With golf events being the hub for networking and spreading the word on alternative options to a sustainable future in golf. It’s an ideal place to build sustainability within the game, and make your golf club more sustainable.