Golf Cleaning Guide: Clean Dirty Clubs With Our Sustainable Golf Cleaner Spray

Golf Cleaning Guide: Clean Dirty Clubs With Our Sustainable Golf Cleaner Spray

Golf is a great sport enjoyed by so many people around the world. It provides a source of exercise, socilising and allows us to reconnect with nature. As you find yourself increasing your times on the golf course this summer, one thing to consider is that the equipment you use will need more frequent cleaning.

Equipment such as golf clubs can be costly, so you want to ensure you're looking after them and maintaining a good condition. Also, because the equipment is in constant contact with the ground it can become dirty often, even more so on a particularly wet or muddy day on the course. Now, you may be thinking, ‘what is a good golf club cleaner?’. Well, in this article, we’re going to dive into the best golf club and golf ball cleaners on the market as well as looking at how to clean a golf ball.

Choosing The Right Golf Cleaner 

In years gone by, in order to clean your golf club or golf ball, you would grab a bucket, some old cloth, a bit of warm water and some good old-fashioned washing-up liquid and wash away. You might even use some form of chrome or steel polish to obtain that all-impressive shine on your clubs. Now, while this isn’t the worst thing to be doing, there are much better ways to clean your golf equipment. Nowadays, there are dedicated golf club cleaning kits you can use that are not only designed to clean the equipment without damaging the quality, but they're also environmentally friendly. So, you can clean your balls completely guilt-free!

clean strike sustainable golf cleaner

Here at The Bigger Ball, we love the idea of a sustainable golf cleaner! There are a number to choose from on the market, but we would always recommend the CLEAN STRIKE Sustainable golf cleaner. This is a powerful, multifunctional cleaner that can be used on all surfaces. The solution comes in a prevented ocean plastic bottle which is fully recyclable. The solution is made from food waste and will lift the dirt from the grooves of the golf club making it easy for you to clean your clubs while you are playing on the golf course or at the driving range.

It's also a great compact size so that it can fit in with your other equipment and be whipped out when you need it!

How to Clean Your Golf Club and Balls Using Clean Strike

In order to properly clean your golf club, you’ll want to first spray the head of your club from about 10cm away, so that it's completely covered in a light layer of the solution. Then, let it all soak in for a few seconds. This will help to break down the dirt and mud. Now it's as simple as using a cloth to wipe the club - not forgetting to get into the grooves and various nooks and crannies of the golf club. And that's it! You now have a shining golf club that's ready to go again. 

If you also want to clean your golf balls using Clean Strike, simply follow a similar process of spraying the solution on the ball and letting it sit for a few seconds before wiping off any excess dirt or residue. Once you're finished with cleaning your golf equipment, you can put the bottle comfortably back in your bag and carry on with your day.

microfiber golf towel in black, white and grey

What Cloth Should I Use To Clean Golf Equipment?

This might seem like a simple question and the case could be made that you can use any old cloth or even an old T-shirt. But, some of the best cloths to use for cleaning golf equipment are microfibre cloths. This is because they are very good at picking up dirt and dust effectively, without scratching the surface of both the golf ball and the club. 

We recommend using our Bamboo Fibre Golf Towel which is made using 100% sustainable bamboo microfibre, and is available in three different colours, blue, white and black, and comes with a carabiner clip to allow you to easily attach it to your golf bag or other equipment. The best part about this cloth is that it's made with eco-friendly materials that are sustainably sourced.