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3 Important Golf Rules That Most Beginners Don't Know

We were all beginners once, you have to start somewhere! If you're new to golf, it can be a difficult endeavor, with a lot to learn, especially when exposed to a game of competitive golf or simply a public golf course and its general golf rules. It’s good to know a few things before diving right into playing. With golf taking years to master it can be a slow start when first starting out. However, there are a few golf tips we wish we had known when we started that may come in handy to those beginners.

Therefore we’ve put together our top three beginner golf tips, the ultimate golf advice for those starting out that we’d wish someone told us when we first got into playing golf.   

1. Equip Wisely & Sustainably

You're only as good as your equipment, as they say. With golf there's a fair few bits to get equipped on when you start out. With clubs varying per shot, there’s a wide range of golf clubs you can get. However, ideally sticking to the basics firstly, is a great solution to not get overwhelmed. Having a few clubs that do the basics and then develop your clubs as you practice is a great way to build up the clubs you have gradually. Don't think you need to buy everything all at once, try your basics out then level up depending on your preference. A Putter, Driver, Wedge and 7 Iron can be a great starting point.

When you get into competitions a key aspect to know is that you're only allowed a max of 14 clubs in your bag. Meaning as you practice you’ll discover your favourites anyway so learn which ones and brands work best for you and stick with a maximum of 14. So try not to overspend straight away, test the waters and get used to one club at a time before using all 14!

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In terms of grabbing golf tees, think sustainably. Opt for a long lasting and durable option, that is more planet friendly and lasts longer than the standard plastic golf tees. Here at The Bigger Ball, with the mission to eliminate plastic waste from golf, we aim to make the sport more sustainable, launching our bamboo golf tees. A material which is fast to grow, easy to process, lasts a long time, uses considerably less water in production than that of plastic and they can be fully recycled. A great golf tip is to opt for sustainable and durable options that you can rely on again and again, like that of bamboo golf tees, wooden bag tags, microfibre cloths, reusable water bottles etc. 

2. Tapping Down Your Putts

As a beginner it’s crucial that you get to terms with golf rules as you go, to develop habits that will benefit you in your competitive play in the future. One golf rule for beginner golfers is to remember that you are currently prohibited from touching your line of putt, other than when removing moveable obstructions, repairing pitch-marks or marking your ball. However, It’s ok to accidentally step on your line of putt as long as it isn’t improved in any way. 

Another golf tip to incorporate into your day to day play is the use of ‘Gimme putts’,  frequently observed during social rounds of golf between friends. A ‘gimme putt’ is a short putt that one player requests that another golfer count as made. In other words, your playing partners offer you the putt without requiring you to strike the ball into the hole. Playing with friends it’s an easy solution to games making it fun, however in competitions this doesn't apply. So don't forget there’s no gimmies in a competitive match!

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3. Don’t Play The Wrong Ball

In the midst of playing, where balls are everywhere it’s so common that yours can get mixed up and become unrecognizable to you playing partners other white golf balls. Therefore it’s important to mark them beforehand! Drawing an arrow or line on your golf ball is done by many professional golf players and a good habit to get into for a beginner golf player. Players across the world have their very own style to signing golf balls, some add markings to distinguish themselves and others simply add their initials or their signature, the decision is yours.

Make sure you know your ball from the rest, in any setting. Claiming your own ball is important so you don’t accidentally take the shot from another player's position. Our advice here at The Bigger Ball, being in this position many times, don't forget to mark every side of your ball, so it’s still recognisable however it lands, consider it similar to a dice. A great routine to get into, and a collection of golf tips that you can so easily forget but make your game so much easier.