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What Happens When A Golf Tee Breaks?

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Golf has the reputation of not being great for the environment. This is down to the courses, equipment and materials used throughout the industry and the sport. However, in recent years the sport is doing its very best and has come on leaps and bounds in terms of sustainability and using more eco-friendly practices.

The materials used are being changed and innovative solutions are taking over from age-old practices. This is where bamboo comes into play.

Now, you may be thinking, what has bamboo got to do with golf? Let us introduce you to bamboo golf tees.

At The Bigger Ball, we champion sustainable golf tees. You can do your bit for the environment as well as have fun playing the sport that you love.


orange bamboo golf tee

What Happens When Golf Tees Break?

Golf tees can break for many reasons, they are a small object that is being hit with great speed and force. However, what actually happens when they break?

For starters, they make a mess, and they litter the golf course. However, if you opt for plastic tees they will simply stay looking pretty on the course until someone picks them up, a mover chews them up or some poor wildlife eats them.

Secondly, it is wasteful. Once they’re broke that’s it, they can’t be reused. They simply have to be thrown away and you have to keep buying new tees that will keep harming the planet.


Why Does Golf Need To Make Conscious Changes?

When it comes to sport in general, it can carry a large carbon footprint. It is in the nature of the sport, that due to equipment, travel, and grounds, it all needs to be made specific to that sport.

This is the same for golf, unfortunately, due to the golf course being outside and the water consumption and the chemicals required to maintain it, makes the sport bad for the environment, because of this it has been ranked as one of the least eco-friendly sports.

But the main negative against golf is its use of plastic. The amount of tees used is astronomical and this material takes decades to break down in landfill. Not only that but the manufacturing of plastic goods creates an eco nightmare.

As golfers, we spend our time thinking of the best way to get a small ball in a hole. But do we ever take a minute to think about the bigger ball… our planet!?


Are Bamboo Golf Tees Stronger?

Finding quality golf equipment that lasts, can seem like a challenge. But that is why we are here. We want to provide alternatives for everyday golf essentials that currently are still being produced using materials that are hindering the planet. That is why we are champions of bamboo!

Bamboo has made great strides and is getting much closer to taking plastics’ place. Plastic is a material that is versatile, and because of this, it has been difficult to find a material that rivals it.

However, bamboo is better for the environment and has become a viable and dare we say superior choice. Also, bamboo is a natural resource that grows at a rate of around 48 inches per day, therefore using it in a sustainable way won’t harm its production.

You now don’t have to feel guilty and can do your bit and opt for sustainable golf tees. Even if you do manage to break one, they breakdown down in no time compared to plastic.

Start Your Sustainable Journey With Our Starter Pack

We have golf tees for every occasion and need, pack our starter pack in your bag knowing you have made the best decision. After all, we can’t rely on other people to help the planet. You can only be responsible for your own actions and practices.

Opt for bamboo and start your sustainable golf journey!