Golf tees Gift For Men

New Year, New You: Celebrate 2023 In Style With Golf Gifts For Men

With the new year upon us, getting those golfing essentials is a must. Celebrate 2023 in style, with these affordable golfing presents. Not to mention, we also have our Boxing Day sale still currently live, so the deals are better than ever. 


Golf Gifts For Men £5 and Under 

Do you have a man who loves to golf in your life? Say no more, we’ve got you covered with these golfing gifts which will be sure to help you celebrate the start of 2023, in style. 


1. Organic Cotton Accessories Bag: £4.99

First off, we have our Organic Cotton Accessories Bag - the ideal, planet-friendly gift for any golfer. Have you ever had all the small pieces of your golf kit drop to the bottom of your bag? Well, then we couldn’t recommend grabbing one of these more. Keep your tees, balls, markers, and other items from dropping to the bottom of your caddy with our organic cotton drawstring bag. Not to mention, these products are only £4.99, making them the perfect present for the golf lover in your life. 


Organic Cotton Accessories Bag gift

2. Bamboo Golf Tees: £4.99

Next up, we have our Bamboo Golf Tees. Again, this gift is ideal for the eco-conscious golfer, and also won’t break the bank. Our single packs are priced at £4.99 and are great for golfers looking to tee off in the new year. Made with 100% natural products, we recommend stocking up on these and preparing yourself for more ‘green’ games in 2023.


Sustainable Golf Gifts £15 and Under 

In 2023, we all want to be thinking about the planet more, and that shouldn’t stop at our games of golf. As we all start to head towards the green this year, why not consider packing your caddy with some more sustainable golfing alternatives?


1. Sustainable Golf Cleaner: £11.99

Keeping our golf clubs clean doesn’t mean we have to dirty the planet - and that’s why we believe that having eco-friendly cleaning products is a must to help you golf sustainably. Going into the new year, if you are looking to make more sustainable changes, we couldn’t recommend a product more than Clean Strike. Made with food waste, Clean Strike will lift the dirt from the grooves of the golf club making it easy for you to clean your clubs while you are playing on the golf course or at the driving range. 


2. Golf Gift Cards: Starting at £10

Getting gifts for loved ones can sometimes be trickier than expected. You don’t always know what they have in their golf kit, what they may need more of, or what they are specifically looking for. Not to mention, some of us leave our shopping to the last minute, which doesn’t allow us very much room for error - that’s why we have a gift card option! 

Upon purchase, you will receive an E-gift card which can be sent to your recipient’s email address. You’ll also receive a virtual (printable) voucher, with a code and QR code to use at checkout for the value of any purchase. It’s truly the thought that counts and a voucher for someone to get what they would like are always a good present. 

Gifts For Golf Lovers £30 and Under 

For the golfer that has everything, it can leave very limited options when it comes to gifts. But if you are shopping with a higher budget, we are sure we can help you find something they either don’t have or something they could need more of. 


Bamboo Tees Christmas Gift Pack

1. Bamboo Tees Christmas Gift Pack: £29.95

If you have a slightly bigger budget this year, and you are looking to really treat the golfer in your life who has everything, may we suggest the Bamboo Tees Christmas Gift Pack? Complete with 160 tees of all different colours and uses, this makes for the ultimate present as we head into the new year. 

In this pack, you will find:

  • 20 x GREEN 25mm
  • 20 x RED 32mm
  • 20 x BLUE 39mm
  • 20 x YELLOW 45mm
  • 20 x PINK 59mm
  • 20 x ORANGE 70mm 
  • 20 x THE LONG ONE 83mm straight 
  • 20 x THE STRIPED ONE 70mm straight