professional golfers 2023

5 Of The Best Professional Golfers In 2023

With the masters recently passing and shaking some things up we thought it would be a great time to review the professional golfers who are currently performing their best and are on their way to joining the best golfers of all time. We’ve rounded up 5 of the current pro golfers who are at the peak of their professional game and are the ones to watch in the second half of 2023. 

1. Jon Rahm

Spanish pro golfer Jon Rahm is undoubtedly one of the most famous golfers right now. Turning pro in 2016, he has won 4 tournaments already in 2023, alongside 7 top-10 finishes. He’s now 1st in the official world golf ranking and has a total of 10 PGA tournament wins under his belt. Currently, in first place with a scoring average of 68.16  and a driving distance of 310.6, he is at the peak of his career (which, at 28 is incredibly impressive) and will continue to be an exciting player to watch. 

2. Scottie Scheffler

Scottie Scheffler is an American professional golfer who went pro in 2018 at the young age of 21. He’s currently ranked 1st for both Off The Tee at 1.029 and his Tee-to-Green Field average of 2.270. He’s had 6 career wins with 2 of them being in the last 12 months. In 2nd place for his scoring average of 68.39, Scottie has previously been world no. 1 for 35 weeks from March 2022 and as the current world number 2 player we can definitely see him and Jon Rahm fighting over the top ranking in the next 12 months. 

3. Rory Mcllroy

From Northern Ireland, Mcllroy is a consistent professional player who has previously been world number 1. His most recent win was the CJ Cup in South Carolina and he’s consistently delivered strong performances over the last 24 months. With four major championships and numerous other tournament victories, Rory is widely regarded as one of the top golfers of his generation. Although he doesn’t take out the tournaments regularly, his level of skill is highly renowned with a 1st place driving distance of 326.6 and a scoring average of 70.25. We can’t imagine him slowing down anytime soon and wouldn’t rule him out for re-claiming world number 1 over the next 24 months. 

4. Max Homa

Max Homa is a 6-time PGA tournament winner from America with a scoring average of 69.39. He went pro in 2013 and since then has consistently shown up on the course with 2 tournament wins in the last 12 months. He has a driving distance of 300.9 and is currently ranking 1st for Consecutive Par 3 Birdies with a field average of 4. Alongside this, he’s had 7 top-10 finishes over 2022-23 and is currently ranked as world number 6 - definitely a player to keep your eye on for the remainder of the year. 

5. Patrick Cantlay

Patrick Cantlay is an American golfer who is currently ranked world no. 4 with 6 top-10 finishes over 2022-23. He turned pro in 2012 and has an impressive 100% field average for Putting From 3” and Scrambling From The Fringe. Ranking 3rd for his scoring average of 68.79 he’s in a prime position for the remainder of the year. 

As with any sport, things are constantly changing and being shaken up yet regardless of how these 5 professional golfers finish at the end of a tournament they are definitely some of the best golfers on tour this year and are a delight to watch play a game of golf.